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Helping Climbers Recover From Pulley Injuries: Hayden’s Healing Journey

Mar 12, 2023

Climbing is a sport that has become more popular these days, and the number of people who get interested in climbing continues to increase in different parts of the world. This is the reason why the incidents of sports-related injuries continue to rise, as well, and that includes Pulley Ruptures. 

This injury is one of the huge problems in climbing. It limits your ability to perform well, especially with crimping, as well as many other physical activities that require strength and the use of your arms.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened to one of my patients, Hayden. 

One day, he was climbing at the gym on a 45-degree overhang wall. Then, he went for a dynamic move, and he felt his finger pop. He didn’t notice it at first because he thought that was just a pop of his finger which had happened to him before. 

But it was oddly loud to him and he never felt that sensation before, so Hayden decided to stop climbing at that moment. Immediately, when he knew that something was wrong and he had a finger injury, he reached out to some doctors or professionals to help him out. 

Hayden went through the entire process with the expert at a particular therapy center near his area. Unfortunately, the doctor told him that they couldn’t help him because they didn't know what was going on with his finger. 

So they sent Hayden to another doctor to get an ultrasound on his finger to see what was wrong. Then, they found out that he had an A4 Pulley Rupture. But Hayden was not confident about what the doctor was telling him because as he said they weren't climbers. With his motivation to get back into his climbing shape, Hayden did research himself to figure out the current condition of this finger. But with everything he did, he came up with nothing. 

Some doctors advised Hayden to get surgery done on his finger, but he got scared and was unsure if that was the best option at the moment. 

Then, Hayden decided to look for climbing-specific physical therapy. He had a friend who reached out on Facebook and posted on the Austin Climbing Group. I saw that message and I sent Hayden a direct message. I told him that I can help him and he doesn’t need surgery. 

After that, I suggested he book a call with me for a free consultation and he said yes. So from there, we started our session together. On a weekly basis, we went through a three-month-long process of therapy on his finger and Hayden was happy and satisfied with the results he was getting. 

A month later, Hayden was back into climbing and started to feel great again. To this day, he’s back on his climbing projects and doing everything that he is passionate about. 

Now, Hayden is encouraging every climber that whenever they get injuries, they can always get in touch with someone who is an expert in climbing-specific therapy. That will be their best bet to getting back to climbing shape. 

You can watch the entire testimonial video of Hayden as he shares his amazing healing journey with his finger injury. 

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