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Get The Right Help First

Many of our patients find us after being told by their physician they “just need to rest,” but when returning to the activities they love their pain would return as well.

Other times, patients have been prescribed “pain pills” or muscle relaxers to help reduce their pain, but fear of becoming dependent on them and lack of long term relief often leaves them lost in their own recovery. 

Some have tried physical therapy before but found themselves doing the same exercises over and over again while the physical therapist rushed from one patient to the next. Instead of getting hands-on manual therapy and 1-on-1 time with the physical therapist, they found themselves with an aide or alone most of the time.

Several patients have seen personal trainers to help fix their injuries. While those professionals had the best intentions, they didn’t have the training or legal scope of practice to diagnose and treat complex pain/injuries.

Some patients had surgery, which unfortunately didn’t solve the problem, and in some cases made them feel even worse.

If you can relate to any of the above statements…

You are not alone.

Hear what our patients have to say, many a lot like you, who had trouble overcoming their pains and found solutions with the assistance of our unique approach utilizing 1-on-1 care and hands-on techniques:

What Makes Perspective Physical Therapy Stand Out From Other Clinics?

  • You will always be seen 1-on-1 by a Doctor of Physical Therapy at each appointment from beginning to end of your plan of care. You will never be passed off to an unlicensed aide/tech.
  • You will be treated with a holistic approach, which understands and evaluates everyone as a unique individual, for a more complete and lasting recovery.
  • If you want to get back to climbing shape again, we make sure to incorporate climbing into your healing process.

Whether you’ve recently been injured or have been dealing with an injury for a long time, we can help by treating you from head-to-toe.


Judith S.

I started having my back pain about 2 years ago. I would wake up with a sharp pain on either my left or right back thigh. I ignored it for the longest to a point where it was so difficult to get out of bed, get into bed, walk and most of all rock climb. I was so afraid of falling because it hurts so when I land on my tail bone. My pain limited me to do things I love.

I finally went to see my doctor about my back pain. She prescribed me medications to relax my muscles. Took the medications but the pain eventually came back. She upped my dosage but that did not help either. The medications were no longer effective so she referred me to a spine specialist. The doctor's solution was back surgery but first he recommended me to get steroid shots but it was only a temporary fix. The last thing I wanted to do was to get surgery and I couldn't believe that was my only option. There must be a better way.

My friend recommended me to see Dr. Tran at Perspective Physical Therapy. He educated me about the pain I'm feeling and the plans for me to be pain free and to be able to climb without feeling pain. Knowing that Dr. Tran was very knowledgeable about my symptoms made me feel at ease.

After seeing Dr. Tran for a few months, my back pain improved significantly to a point where I don't feel pain in my back anymore. I could finally do things without limitations. He demonstrated excercises for me to do to prevent the pain from reoccurring.

Dr. Tran definitely exceeded way beyond my expectations.

For anyone who's been told that their only option is surgery, I would recommend consulting with Dr. Tran at Perspective Physical Therapy first. It doesn't take long and could change your life.

Emmanuel A.

I injured a finger while rock climbing, and waited about four months before going to see Dr. Q. I waited as long as I did because I had previously only ever been dissatisfied with the quality of care that I had received from doctors treating my climbing injuries, Dr. Q changed that.

He was able to quickly identify the problem I was having with my finger and begin treating it. Within a couple of sessions, I was able to climb on the finger largely unbothered, and after a few more, the pain subsided soon after.

Not only did Dr. Q help in my recovery, but he gave me tools to help myself. In one of our last sessions, he mentioned that my forearms were tight and gave me stretches to loosen them up. I didn’t do them, and a couple of weeks later, I started experiencing wrist pain. That pain went away as soon as I started doing the stretches that he had previously given me to do.

I really appreciate how he looks at the entire body as a system, and does not just offer bandages to symptoms. I could not recommend him enough to anyone thinking they could use some PT, especially climbers.

Bryan A.

I’ve had capsulitis for almost as long as I’ve been climbing (~5 years). Part of it was due to over-using the crimp hold when I first started climbing and then not knowing how to moderate my climbing frequency. Over the years, I did as much reading and research as I could on treating capsulitis and even ventured out into getting PRP therapy for my PIP joints. Nothing ever really worked and every PT or Hand Specialist I went to didn’t have any concrete idea for how to rehab my joints for rock climbing. Everything we did seemed like guesswork.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Q for a couple months now and while the pain in my fingers hasn’t completely resolved, we are making confidence-inspiring progress towards my goal of being able to climb hard without having to manage pain. Dr. Q’s implementation of the Isele method for my fingers is truly something that is unique compared to the 5-6 other PTs and Hand Specialists I’ve visited and something that believe in despite the excruciating pain that is caused when the treatment is being administered. Dr. Q has also given me some great advice and manual therapy for some shoulder issues that probably would have become chronic issues if not for him. Because so many of his recommended PT exercises are on his website, we can spend the majority of our 1 hour sessions on manual therapy.

Currently, I’m the most confident that I’ve ever been (in 5 years!) in being able to possibly get to a place where I can climb without having to manage pain. I may never get all the way there due to the damage that I’ve already done to my fingers, but Dr. Q has been by far my best experience in treating my chronic climbing injuries and teaching me a holistic mindset of how to prevent injuries (warmups, mobility, planes of motion, strengthening, etc). I’m looking forward to continuing the course of my treatment with Dr. Q and seeing where it goes!


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