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We Help Climbers Build Healthy Training Habits So They Can Level Up Their Climbing Grades Without Getting Injured


FREE Full Finger Taping Tutorial

Learn how to tape your fingers for rock climbing the right way. You'll learn how to tape for flappers, splits, pulley injuries, and more.


3 Proven Exercises for Rock Climbers with Tweaky Fingers

These proven exercises are made for serious rock climbers, even if you've tried acupressure rings.


2 Climbing Exercises to Help Your Shoulder Pain

Incorporating just these 2 shoulder exercises into your routine will help your shoulder mobility and reduce your pain.


Join The 14 Day Challenge To Becoming A Healthy Rock Climber!


To push your climbing limits, it takes a healthy body


No More Frustration Reaching The Next Grade

No matter your skill level or climbing ability, our training programs were made to help you become a better climber.

Break Through Your

Climbing Plateau

We understand how disappointing it can be to be stuck at a climbing plateau. But worse than not being able to show constant improvement is feeling like you’re holding back your climbing crew. That’s why our training programs were created! They will help you break through your climbing plateau so you can enjoy sends with friends!

Complete Climbing System

Have you ever wanted to get better at climbing, but you didn’t know where to start? Or you started training, but it didn’t actually help you climb into the next grade? Figuring out what to do on your own can be so overwhelming! Our Complete Climbing System was designed for this very purpose. It will teach you everything you need to know to take your climbing to the next level!

Injury Prevention for Climbers

We know how frustrating it can be to have injuries be the reason you can’t climb for weeks… months… or even years! Injuries are therefore worth preventing so we have injury prevention techniques, developed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy, to help you climb injury-free. Need help with injury recovery? Click the button below!


Improving Your Climbing Performance

Has Never Been Easier

While our training programs have helped many climbers advance their skills, sometimes you need more concentrated attention for your specific goals and needs. Our private coaching helps you achieve quicker results so you can place higher at your climbing competitions!

Step 1: Sign Up For A Climbing Assessment


Step 2: Allow Us To Create A Customized Plan For You

Step 3: Let's Execute The Plan Together

Join A Climbing Community You Can Call Your Own

Want to go fast? Go alone. Want to go far? Let's go together.



Our most popular plan

  • Break Through Your Climbing Plateau
  • Enhance Your Climbing Performance
  • Self-Treatment Strategies For Injury Recovery
  • Unlimited access to every training program on Complete Climber ($200 monthly value!)

Private Coaching


Top features

  • Hands-On Myofascial Release x 4 ($800 Value)
  • Climbing Assessments ($50 Value)
  • Movement Analysis ($50 Value)
  • Personally Tailored Training To Fit Your Specific Needs ($300)
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Note: Only for climbers part of the Elite 8


Climbing Wellness


Top features

  • Hands-On Myofascial Release x 2 ($400 Value)
  • Educational Training Tips ($150 Value)
  • Access to a Doctor of Physical Therapy
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Membership means unlimited access 

See more than one program you’d like to try? Sign up for a membership, and enjoy unlimited training programs. Any program, any time, you’ll get access to them all!  

What Are Climbers Saying About It?

Casey Byrne

Route Setter

"The training program is worth the money. You receive quite a lot of information not only about climbing, but injuries, warm-ups, cooldowns, anatomy, and mindsets. Q is readily available if you have any questions and is very thorough and thoughtful with his answers. It is worth the time investment to complete the program. If you fully commit to doing the exercises, watching the videos, and following all of Q's advice then there is no way that your climbing won't improve. "

Christine Deyo

Head Route Setter

"Even though my pain has gone away, I am still working with Dr. Q to support my climbing goals. Together we have come up with a climbing training plan that I strongly believe will get me to where I want to be with my climbing physically, and I feel much more confident about pushing my body knowing that I can always work with him on any training-associated aches and pains."

Caroline Randolph

Passionate Climber

"I was experiencing finger pain that was keeping me from climbing at my limit for months before I finally decided to seek help so I could climb pain free at an upcoming competition and climbing trip. After seeing Dr. Q for 2-3 months prior to those events, I was able to climb pain free at both. I would recommend Dr. Q to any climbers who are dealing with a climbing injury - it makes a huge difference working with a fellow climber who understands how climbing affects the body."

Improve Your Climbing, Improve Your Life

No matter your age, lifestyle, or body type, becoming a Complete Climber is for you.

  • Relieve Stress
  • Upgrade Your Posture
  • Increase Your Strength
  • Improve Your Mobility & Flexibility
  • Enhance Your Climbing Performance
  • Stop The Endless Cycle of Aches & Pains

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