We are a Climbing Performance and Physical Therapy Practice looking for...

a resourceful, efficient, problem-solver for a part-time position to help with one of my businesses: Perspective Physical Therapy (and occasional online marketing for my climbing performance training CompleteClimber.com)

An ideal candidate for this position is someone who consistently figures out how to produce the desired outcome even if it involves researching and learning new skills.

Someone who:

  • Is hard working and trustworthy
  • Excited about learning new skills, creating products, and marketing them
  • Detail-oriented yet efficient
  • Has strong writing and grammatical skills
  • Has an eye for good design
  • Is tech savvy and can learn to navigate various computer/software platforms
  • Understands when it makes sense to get others involved or outsource components of a project so it is done correctly and efficiently
  • Finds happiness in being helpful and getting things done 

This will be a flexible hourly position that will likely fill 15 hours per week. Most of the work can be done remotely if that is your preference, but we’ll likely need to meet in person and work together once or twice weekly.

If the above sounds like you and fits with the schedule you’re seeking, please read on for details about what this position will entail. And don’t let the long list intimidate you… you will be managing virtual assistants who can take on certain tasks, and your team of assistants may grow over time as necessary.


Being Successful in this Position will Involve:

  • Helping me run online group coaching calls
  • Helping manage Facebook pages and private Facebook groups
  • Becoming proficient with the customer relationship management platforms "Kajabi" and "ActiveCampaign" and using it to build marketing campaigns and automation
  • Becoming proficient with creating and managing Facebook ads
  • Designing graphics and copywriting for blog posts and social media posts
  • Creating new e-products to guide in the creation of cash-based physical therapy practices
  • Identifying "profit leaks" in the business and proactively finding ways to plug them
  • Being proactive about identifying problems before they arise and solving them when they have
  • Helping me find contract workers for above such instances
  • Processing my email
  • Processing my snail mail
  • Managing my calendar
  • Overseeing and managing the work of a virtual assistant
  • Helping to manage the design and blog posts on my website and adding new pages as we create new products or events
  • Creating procedure lists and video trainings for all repeating tasks
  • Occasional administrative and marketing help with my climbing performance training CompleteClimber.com
  • Finding and scheduling guests for me to interview on my podcast: Complete Climber Podcast
  • Editing written summaries of my videos and podcasts that will become "show notes," blog posts, and email/social media posts
  • Creating attractive emails that deliver the week's/month's content to my audience
  • Cropping videos and writing guides for our student resources
  • Being excited to learn and work on all the above in order to push the business forward!

Thanks for reaching this far! You’re already showing some of the characteristics I’m looking for so if you’re interested in applying for this position, please send an email to [email protected] and follow these specific directions:

1) Use the Subject Line: I want to be your administrative assistant

2) Within the email, please write a few sentences about why you feel you are a great fit for this position.

3) Include a link to your LinkedIn profile (if you don’t already have one, please make one and include the link in the email… doesn’t need to be long or fancy.)

4) Attach your resumé as a PDF file


Thank you so much for your interest in this position.

I hope to meet you soon!