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  • Have nagging shoulder pain that doesn't go away with rest?
  • Are you scared of making your shoulder injury worse when training or climbing?
  • Have you sought out solutions but didn't get the results you wanted because you were working with someone who didn't understand how climbing or sports affects your body?

It's time to get rid of those nagging aches and pains once and for all.

The Healthy Shoulders Challenge teaches you STEP-BY-STEP how to go from nagging aches and pains back to climbing hard without worrying about making your shoulder injury worse. You'll join other climbers, just like you, with shoulder aches and pains as we work together through the 8 week challenge so that you stay committed and consistent throughout the program.

You'll rebuild your shoulder from ground up by restoring mobility, stability, and performance so that you can ultimately return to the sports and activities you enjoy.


Here's What You Get

When you join the Healthy Shoulders Challenge with other climbers eager to get back to sending hard without aggravating their shoulders further, you will get...

A 100% online training program- Group training modules that walk you through step-by-step how to restore your shoulder health in 8 weeks.

BONUS #1: Work with a Doctor of Physical Therapy who specializes in rock climbing injuries ($2,000 value)
More often than not, healthcare professionals who don’t know about climbing will recommend not to climb and it’s not the best option. Working with someone who knows what kind of demands climbing places on the body makes a huge difference.

BONUS #2: Healthy Shoulders Toolkit ($300 value)
All the exercise equipment & resources you need to regain your shoulder health: cheat sheets, check lists, and worksheets make up an invaluable Resource Guide filled every tool you need to stay organized on your journey.

BONUS #3: 1-on-1 Consultation ($250 value)
Upon course completion, you qualify for a free 1-on-1 strategy call to discuss where you are in your climbing career, where you want to go, and the next steps to take in order to get there!

BONUS # 4: Private Facebook Community ($200 value)
Maybe the best part of the program- the community of climbers resolving their shoulder injuries together where we will be able to answer your questions daily. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.


Enrollment is now open.
Space is limited. Only 10 spots.


What you might be thinking... 

Who is this for?
If you are a rock climber with shoulder pain(s) and injuries holding you back and you want to get rid of it once and for all, this program is for you.

Who is this not for?
If you’re someone who constantly thinks “I’ll take care of this later” or it’s not important for you to feel strong and confident in your body, then this is not the program for you. Later is never.

Is it injury-specific, or is it something that can be used as “prehab” to bulletproof your shoulders and prevent injuries?
It’s all of it. I don’t just fix shoulders, I fix climbers. Climbers have seen a reduction in pain as well as improvement in shoulder confidence after going through the program.

Will it work for me?
As mentioned before, healthcare professionals who don’t understand climbing won't understand the demands climbing takes on the body. Working with someone who knows what kind of demands climbing places on the body and has strategies to counteract these stress demands leads to better outcomes. I help rock climbers resolve their shoulder pains and injuries all the time.

Do I have to do the work to get the results?
Of course! Don’t sign up if you don’t want to do the work.

It’s called a Challenge. Is there a prize?
Yup! In addition to getting stronger and healthier shoulders, those climbers who are committed and participate through the entire challenge will be entered into a live drawing giveaway. One lucky climber will receive a climbing analysis with me ($250 value!) and another climber will win some sweet swag!

Do I need equipment?
Yes. You will need a stretchy sport-cord, ball, and balloons. If you sign up by April 1st (NO FOOLIN’), you’ll get the Healthy Shoulders Fit Kit as a bonus ($50 VALUE! Only while supplies last). Make sure you sign up early to ensure you get all of the equipment in time for the start of the program.

What’s the investment?
While the entire program is valued at over $2,750, the members get it for only $597 and it will teach you how to keep your shoulders healthy for the rest of your climbing career.

Not sure I can afford it...
What is it going to cost you NOT to get your shoulder injury fixed now? Are you going to let it linger and get worse? Shoulder surgery? Seriously, the program is designed to get you back to climbing shape for a fraction of the cost of what you would pay in the healthcare system.

What Climbers Are Saying:

For several months I had experienced chronic shoulder tightness and intermittent pain from rock climbing two to three times a week. I had been hesitant to seek physical therapy due to cost, convenience, and skepticism that it would ever help me. As it turns out, Dr. Q at Perspective Physical Therapy is a fellow rock climber who was able to combine his climbing experience and professional expertise to not only treat and eliminate my existing shoulder discomfort, but also work with me to prevent future injury. What I like most is his integrative approach to treating both my specific pain points as well as the alignment and mobility of my entire body to reduce the risk of recurring issues. In addition to effective treatment, Dr. Q was able to provide me with supporting resources that helped me self-study and deepen my understanding of the human body to further aid in my recovery. Overall, the results from working with Dr. Q have exceeded my expectations! My shoulder pain is gone, my mobility and alignment have steadily improved, and I have a much better appreciation for how my body works as a cohesive system. I would recommend Perspective Physical Therapy to anyone that is working through pain or discomfort, and also for anyone seeking a preventative healthcare approach to their active lifestyle.

Christian S.

$747.00 USD

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